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Vehicle Sourcing

Have your own special agent tracking down the best deal for you!

Give us our mission of the car you want to buy, the specification and the price you would like to pay. We can help you design the mission brief.

Once this is agreed, we take a deposit from you (usually £100) and we source the vehicle for you, transport it to your address (free of change if with a 50mile radius) and you pay a finders fee for a sucessful mission!

So why choose this service?

Well simply it's the cheapest way to buy a used car!

Our purchasing power means we have discounted rates at most major auction sites and can source a quality used car at auction prices for you for less than you can do this yourself. 

Our commission is less than the increased cost of your buyers fee as a prviate individual.

Give us a call and we can give you an idea of the money you can save,

Cars can be supplied, where applicable, with extended warranties and coupled with a Part Exchange deal if needed.

All vehicles will be HPI clear and fully security checked.

YOUR MESSAGE (Include Car Make and Model, Max Age and Mileage and anything else in your mission brief!)